At Caliber, we take pride in building strong relationships and we work together with you to understand your business needs.  Utilizing lean principles, we provide value-added product, equipment and process recommendations which will help to increase your productivity and decrease costs.

Caliber will come onsite and partner with you to conduct a Targeted Analysis and Plant Audit.  A review of the products, equipment and processes, that are currently being utilized, will be conducted and our goal is to help with identifying areas to eliminate waste and streamline product, equipment and processes.

While on site, we use a data driven DMAIC model and we partner with you to…..

• DEFINE and understand the current challenges

• Understand productivity MEASURES

• ANALYZE options

• Provide recommendations for IMPROVEMENTS  which will

• Help with CONTROLLING costs and improving productivity


Caliber has many options available to ensure the products you need are available when you need them.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI):  Caliber optimizes your inventory by monitoring your usage, assessing lead times and determining PAR levels and managing your floor stock levels on an ongoing basis.   A VMI program is efficient and ensures you have the products on hand that you need to conduct your business.

Consignment Inventory:  Caliber stocks inventory on your floor to be utilized as needed.  We conduct an inventory count, on a monthly basis, to assess usage levels and we invoice for the quantities utilized for the previous month.  Consignment inventory eliminates concerns with lead times and helps with increasing cash flow since you are only billed for the products utilized.

Hold to Release Orders (HRO):  Caliber stocks up to 60 days worth of inventory in our warehouse and we pull from the inventory when you need it.  A HRO program eliminates concerns with lead times, especially with specialty items, which means you get the product you need when you need it.

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